ACCI Organizes a Hearing with Senior Economic Advisor to President

ACCI organized a Hearing with H.E. Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, Senior Economic Advisor to President in order to address the major challenges facing businesses and what are the applicable solutions for?

The Hearing was attended by deputy ministers of Finance, Commerce and Industries, Public Works, Public Health, Transportation and Civil Aviation, Agriculture and Irrigation, Customs, Afghanistan Investment Support Agency and Afghanistan Norm & Standard Authority (ANSA).

Results of the Hearing will be presenting to President on Saturday 25 April 2015.


1-    High Council on Tariffs should be created under presidency of Minister of Commerce and Industries and membership of sectorial ministers and ACCI’s representative in order to impose tariffs based on support policy for local products and in consideration of local market demands;

2-    Private sector has right to create private labs in three major sectors such as oil, food and medicine products, construction raw materials and electronic items in Nimrooz, Herat, Kandahar, Khost, Nangarhar, Balkh and Kabul provinces. These labs are established in accordance with Public Private Partnership and will check safety of the imported goods only – quality are assessed based on market demands – . ANSA has to monitor regularly the private labs and other relevant entities can enforce their evaluation indirectly via ANSA.

3-    About maintenance of roads and weight bridges, attendees suggested as follow:

  1. No toll or fee without any service is allowed, however has been declared by law or regulation;
  2. All tolls and fees should be imposed by a specific entity who will take responsibility of the task;
  3. transportation unions should operate in accordance of law and getting membership of such unions should be voluntary;
  4. Ministry of Public Works shall hand over maintenance of roads to private sector;
  5. The challenges facing construction, currency exchanging, craftsmen sectors will be discussed by next meetings separately.

To view photos of the Hearing, please click here.