ACCI’s Leadership Meets with Chief Minister of Khaibar Pakhtunkhwa

The leadership of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries met with a high ranking delegation of Pakistani officials, led by H.E. Parwiz Khatak, Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhw State of Pakistan, and discussed on bilateral issues and way to solve the existing challenges facing trade and transit of two countries. Where both sides purposed their practical solutions to resolve the ongoing disputes.

This meeting was organized in Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 15 April 2015, and was attended by Mr. Khanjan Alkozay, Senior Vice-Chairman, Mr. Mohammad Yonus Momand Commercial Vice-Chairman, Mr. Ismael Ghazanfar Board Member, Mr. Sadullah Haqyar, Head of Secretariat, Mr. Nezamudding Taj Zada Board Member and Mr. Abdul Qadir Bahman, Deputy CEO of ACCI.

At the beginning, Mr. Alkozay while hinting the historical trade and transit relationship between the two countries, said: “an enormous amount of trade of Afghanistan is with Khaibar Pakhtunkhwa State, which unfortunately due to some recent tension between the two governments, the business relations have gotten worse.”

“Because Afghanistan has recently started its trade engagement with India, Pakistan have constantly been expressing concerns, and seems to be in contrast with these relations.” He added.

Mr. Alkozay also sought revision of APTTA, stressing that the traders of the two countries should be provided with necessary facilities to further strengthening the business relations. Besides that he called upon Pakistani government to put an end to problems in borders, illegal extortions, briberies, and harassment of afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Moreover he added that afghan traders, want establishment of joint business terminal through which joint investment between the traders of the two countries will be encouraged and a bunch of necessary facilities will be provided to business communities.

Mr. Parwiz Khatak termed the formation of the new governments as a good news for business communities, and hoped, as there are firm political determinations to remove these hurdles, political disputes will also soon come to an end.

To solve the existing disputes and to identify the barriers which impedes the business, Mr. Khatek suggested that, a joint committee consist of high ranking private sector and governmental officials of the two countries should be formed.

Declaring his all-out support from Afghan private sector, he added that, he is ready to organize a debate over mentioned problems, between Afghan government, Afghan private sector and relevant Pakistani authorities.

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