ACCI Meets with ABBAT

ACCI met with ABBAT (Association of International Automobile Carriers of the Republic of Tajikistan) and discussed on removing the barriers facing implementation of TIR (International Transportation System) between two countries.

Mr. Khanjan Alkozay, Senior Vice-Chairman of ACCI while highlighting importance of international transportation system, expressed his optimism that will see tangible progresses and facilitation in regional transit after joining of Tajikistan to APTTA (Afghanistan – Pakistan Trade & Transit Agreement). He said that ABBAT’s representative on behalf of Tajik transportation sector should attend actively in intergovernmental meetings – like ACCI – to present suggestions of Tajik private sector toward enrich the trilateral transit agreement.

Mr. M. M. Shorirov, President of ABBAT talked about non-implementation of TIR in Afghanistan and addressed the challenges like extortion from transport companies in Afghan customs and police border, lack of awareness of custom staff about TIR, lack of insurance companies in Afghanistan many more. He also said that ABBAT has addressed 40 challenges at this regard. He promised to send them officially to ACCI in order to advocate and lobby to resolve the challenges by Afghan government.

Mr. Shorirov also talked on none-enforcement of the MOU signed by two organizations on 23 April 2014 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. He said “Definitely our engagements to improve transit cooperation won’t take in force until our governments don’t renew their bilateral transit agreement. Therefore, we need to encourage and convince our governments to pay serious attention on the important matter.”

President of ABBAT also while expressing his optimism for joining of Tajikistan to APTTA, said that there is needed that trilateral and quadripartite agreements should be signed by the regional countries that transit facilitation come in true in the region. He also mentioned that heads of SCO member states (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) in their summit at September 2014 in Dushanbe, emphasized and declared on regional transit cooperation. Therefore it’s very important that advocate organizations such ACCI and ABBAT have to attend in the intergovernmental meetings to present private sector suggestions in order to be considered in the final decision.

He also named ABBAT’s services such as training programs related TIR and promised that will train Afghan drivers and officers, if any interest is shown by Afghan entities.

Mr. Alkozay while confirming existing the above mentioned challenges, said that the Afghan National Unity Government is committed to remove the barriers. He pledged that will share the comments from ABBAT with Afghan President and the Chief Executive to resolve the challenges.

Additionally, both parties agreed to organize a Business Forum toward familiarization of Afghan and Tajik traders and transportation companies to each other in Dushanbe soon.

At the end, ACCI’s technical team visited the ABBAT’s offices and learned about what services the organization provides for international transportation companies.

ACCI’s delegation was in composition of Mr. Khanjan Alkozay, Senior Vice-Chairman, Mr. Nizamuddin Tajzada, Board Member, Mr. Ahmad Tawfiq Dawari, Deputy CEO, Mr. Mohammad Qasim Naseri, International Affairs Director and Mr. Hashem Rasouli, Public Relation Director of ACCI.

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