Taxation Awareness Conference for Entrepreneurs

Revenue Department of Ministry of Finance (MoF) and ACCI jointly organized the Taxation Awareness Conference for Entrepreneurs on 3 February 2015 with participation of 150 entrepreneurs mainly from small and medium sectors.

The primary aim of this conference was to familiarize and encourage private entrepreneurs to implement the “Self-Assessment Taxation Model” which is one of the most modern models of revenue collection in the world. With implementation of this system the MOF would be able to successfully implement the taxation system and to drastically increase government’s revenues.

The taxpayer individuals’ compliances are the bases of this system. Conducting awareness and educative programs on time for taxpayers on how to prepare their business document, could play key role in enhancing their obedience. Efficient executing of this system, would eliminate all misunderstandings between taxpayers and taxation entities.

This conference was attended by Mr. Gul Maqsood Sabet, Deputy Minister of Finance for Customs and Revenues, Mr. Khanjan Alokozai, First Vice Chairman of ACCI, Mr. Najeeb Ahmadzai Acting Director of Revenues Department of MoF and Ms. Amena Ahmadi Director of Central Zone Revenues Department.

Mr. Sabet underlined on organization of such awareness conference toward enhancing cooperation between MoF and private sector.

He went on and spoke about providing more facilities for traders. “MoF is working on an electronic schema to develop an easy taxation system, through which the taxpayer would be able to pay their due taxes via internet.” He said.

Furthermore he added that the aim of this plan was to reduce corruption by minimizing the relations among government agents and taxpayers. Moreover, he acknowledged challenges facing entrepreneurs in various departments of MoF, and vowed that the existing problems would be solved under new Leadership.

Subsequently, Mr. Khanjan Alokozay said during his speech that the purpose of this conference is to raise trader’s awareness about the taxation system, their rights and obligations and also prevent taxation officers’ abuse. Terming the current the Income Tax Law is very modern, whereas most of Afghanistan’s trading system is still traditional. He urged the MoF to develop a system which could be easily understandable and practicable for all level of the business community.

He also assured full cooperation from ACCI in raising the awareness of private sector about their rights and obligations. “Implementation of advance taxation system and enhancing awareness of private sector of their rights and obligations would pave the way for building trust between private sector and government and would eventually reduce the prices.” He said.

Mr. Alokozay stressed on classifying the types of licenses in order to facilitate the revenues collection process and also reiterated that foreign advisors who are working in MoF for deterioration of our national economy should be expelled from the country.

Mr. Najeeb Ahmadzai pointed out that lack of public awareness particularly in private sector about taxation laws and regulations is the main cause of corruption. He also emphasized on conducting similar awareness programs in future.

Later on the conference participants were divided into working groups based on the sectors and entrepreneurs shared their views and complains with the authorities of the Central Revenue Zone.

To view photos of the conference please click here.