2nd CII Business Delegation Comes to Kabul

A 6-Memebr business delegation from Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) came to Afghanistan and participated in B2B Matchmaking with 50 Afghan entrepreneurs on 6 July 2013 in Kabul.

The delegates sought their Afghan counterparts through the B2B matchmaking conference which was organized jointly by ACCI, CII, UNDP and Indian Embassy to Afghanistan.

The delegation headed by Mr. Pardeep K Malik, Board Member of CLASS Indian Private Ltd and in composition of the delegation were, Raymond Limited, Orkash Service Pvt Ltd, Unipatch Rubber Limited, Synergics Hydro Pvt and Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited.

The key speakers of the event were Mr. Azerakhsh Hafezi, Board Member of ACCI, H.E. Mr. Anwar-ul-haq Ahadi, Minister of Commerce and Industries, H.E. Mr. Amar Sinha, Ambassador of India to Afghanistan, Mr. Sultan Hajiyev, Chief CDA of NIBP/UNDP, Mr. Wafiullah Iftikhar, CEO of AISA (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency), Mr. Pardeep K Malik, Leader of the delegation and Dr. Hessamuddin Hamrah, Acting-Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

Mr. Hafezi mentioned history of trade between both countries as well as generous helps of India on past decade and said that realities of Afghanistan are not the things that are broadcasted by international media. “Business delegations definitely will return positive view about Afghanistan to people overseas and bring real image of Afghanistan to their countries.” He said

He also highlighted Afghan quality products such as agriculture products and there is a need to invest on packing, processing, obtaining international recognizable certificates and marketing of these products. These sectors are profitable for foreign investors as well as for Afghans to be able to compete in international markets. Hence, Afghanistan always welcomes foreign investors to come in Afghanistan and invest on the productive sectors.

Mr. Ahadi said that in considering economic power of India and existence of demands for extension of its overseas investments, so Afghanistan is best place. Afghanistan has created favorable business environment such as lowest taxes and custom duties in the region like 10 – 20 percent in average that are so attractive for Indian investors. “Afghan government recently approved the incentive investment policy and tomorrow we will work on business license issuance reform. We are committed to pave all essentials to attract as well as grantee investments from abroad to our country.” He said

Mr. Sinha also pointed out existing investment opportunities of Afghanistan and called Indian investors to come up and do joint ventures with Afghans on attractive sectors such as agribusiness, mining, cement, textile and others. He also mentioned investments of Indian government in Afghanistan on past decade in million dollops values in education, telecommunication, small and medium enterprises and so on. “We also have a joint investment with Iranian on Chabahar Free Trade Zone and do believe that the rout will increase our trade turnover with Afghanistan.” He said

He also asked Pakistani policy makers to be committed based on SAFTA and assist Afghanistan and India to approach trade transit through Pakistan’s soil. “Based on SAFTA India has considered exemption on free custom duty for Afghan products since 2009 and hope that Pakistan be committed on SAFTA as well and pave essentials on trade transit for Afghanistan and India.” He said

Mr. Eftikhar delivered his presentation on investment supports from Afghan government as well as existing productive and attractive investment sectors.

It is second business delegation from CII. The first delegation came to Afghanistan on 16 - 18 March, 2013 to explore opportunities and possibilities for business and investment in Afghanistan.

Arrangement of business delegations exchange is done according to MoU agreement between ACCI and CII which was signed by 28th January, 2013 at Agra, India.

Based on the MoU, Both parties have agreed to work on mutual business and economic interests such as exchange all commercial and economic matters with regard to Afghanistan and India including specific sectors relevant to both the countries, exchange professional experiences relating to services rendered to their members facilitating development of mutually beneficial relationship, promote actively Indian investments/joint ventures in Afghanistan and exchange business development missions, support activities such as seminars, conferences and road shows by specialists in India by those sectors agreed upon between the  parties as well as to promote those events through its publicity media, work together in developing small and medium scale industries in Afghanistan, provide full cooperation to each other in the promotion of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions both in Afghanistan and India.