AACC and ACCI Hold Preliminary Session on 9th U.S – Afghanistan BMC

The Afghan – American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) jointly held a preliminary session by 22 June, 2013 in Safi Landmark Hotel in Kabul regarding 9th U.S – Afghanistan Business Matchmaking Conference which due to be held on 1 – 3 December of ongoing year.

AACC has come to Kabul to alert Afghan businesses, early-on the opportunities to engage with American businesses and to allow AACC and U.S. Colleagues more time to develop appropriate matches pre-the December Conference so as to optimize the value of the Conference to Afghan businesses who decide to attend.

In concert with a number of collaborating organizations and government agencies, AACC and leading past participants in the Annual Washington D.C events, described the benefits and business opportunities of the AACC 9th Annual U.S. – Afghanistan BMC, 2013.

Mr. Suliaman Lutfi, Chairman of the Board and Mr. Don Ritter, CEO/President of AACC one after another highlighted importance of Annual BMCs in Washington D.C and encouraged Afghan businesses to attend the upcoming event.

Mr. Anwar ul Haq Ahadi, Minister of Commerce and Industries also encouraged and draw up attention of Afghan businesses to the upcoming event. He also informed AACC about Afghan government commitments on making a favorable business environment especially recently incentive policies taken by government to attract more investments to Afghanistan.

Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay, First Vice-Chairman of ACCI outlined importance of “Economic Transition” in the country as well as a need that each party has to undertake responsibilities toward sustainable economy beyond 2014. He also transferred complaints of Afghan businesses to AACC about complicated visa procedures of U.S. Embassy in Kabul and asked them to find a way in collaboration with the Embassy to facilitate visa issuance for Afghan businessmen and women particularly who will attend the upcoming BMC.

Mr. Mohamamd Qurban Haqjo, CEO of ACCI underlined the achievement and success stories driven from past BMCs. “the events have approached Afghan and American businesses toward joint investments as well as finding American markets for Afghan quality products. Cristal Mineral Water is an example that American troops deployed in Afghanistan currently use the water.” He said

And then, Afghan businessmen and women such as Mr. Mowdood Popal, Vice-President of Afghanistan Builders Association, Mr. Moslem Mehrdad, Regional Director of Appleton Consulting Inc, Mr. Haron Aloko, Executive Vice-President of World Trade Center in Kabul, Ms. Nilofar Sakhi, Executive Director of International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Based in American University of Afghanistan, Mr. Assad Mattin, President of Oxus Consulting, Mr. A. Qayoom Bassam Director of Private Sector Development of Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. Farhad Ghafoor, Executive Vice-President  one after another shared out their experiences and success stories from the past BMCs.

Mr. Joji Tokeshi, Resident Director-Kabul of Asian Development Bank also delivered his presentation about past activities of ADB in Afghanistan and commitments of ADB on future of Afghanistan.

The BMCs have been holding in Washington D.C. since 2003. The goal of the conferences is to facilitate promotion of business-to-business relationships, the cornerstone of investment and trade between the U.S. and Afghanistan and a key factor in achieving stability in Afghanistan. 8th BMC was done on 2 – 4 December and 60 businessmen and women and a few Afghan officials participated in.