2nd Belgian Companies’ Catalogues Exhibition Launched at ACCI’s Headquarter

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Economic & Commercial Representation Kingdom Embassy of Belgium to Afghanistan jointly held the 2nd Belgian Companies’ Catalogues Exhibition in ACCI’s Headquarter in Kabul on Wednesday, 12 June, 2013.

The exhibition contained catalogues of 100 Belgian companies from different sectors. At the exhibition, Afghan private companies filled out the registration forms which were distributed by organizers of the event and then submitted to Economic & Commercial Representation Kingdom Embassy of Belgium to Afghanistan in order to stay in touch with Belgian companies in future.

The exhibition was opened by His Excellency Mr. Arnout PAUWELS, Ambassador of Kingdom of Belgium to Afghanistan and Mr. Abid Husain, Trade Commissioner of the Economic & Commercial Representation in Islamabad & Kabul.

Mr. Mohammad Qurban Haqjo, CEO of ACCI in appreciating a past decade military cooperation of Kingdom of Belgium to Afghanistan, asked them to replace their investment and business ventures instead of their soldiers in post of 2014.

Mr. Arnout PAUWELS outlined quality of Afghan products especially dried fruits and saffron and existence of high demands for Afghan products in EU Markets. “You Afghans have quality products that I witness they are sold in local Afghan markets by very less prices. Therefore, you definitely will earn more benefits in EU Markets, if you would pay attention on value chain of your products especially on packing and advertisement.” He said

Mr. Abid Husain also talked about economic power of Kingdom of Belgium and trade balances between both countries, Afghanistan and Belgium. “Existence of rising business and investment opportunities in Afghanistan is so attractive and favorable business environment for Belgian companies to come and invest here, in Afghanistan.” He said.

He also asked Afghan companies to fill out the registration forms which are distributed in the exhibition. These forms are used for future connection between Afghan and Belgian companies.

The first exhibition in its profile was held on Wednesday, 01 June 2011 at the same venue where catalogues of 120 Belgian prominent companies from construction, agriculture, mining, health care, transportation, energy and industry were showcased.

That exhibition was opened by Mr. Lastschenko, the Ambassador of Kingdom of Belgium.

ACCI does believe that such exhibitions bring gold opportunity for both Afghan and Belgian companies to approach enhancement of business and investment relationship in future. In considering economic power of Belgium in construction, energy, transportation, telecommunication, agriculture, and heath care sectors, Afghanistan would be a land of rising investment opportunities for Belgian companies.

It’s mentionable; on 2012, Afghanistan has exported to Belgium 2 Million Euros (91% Textile related products especially raw cachemire wool, 7% food items like dry fruits etc. at the same year, Belgium has exported to Afghanistan 26 Million Euros (48% Transport Equipment, 13% Mechanical and electrical machinery and equipment, 12% Foodstuff and raw materials and ingredients, 8% Chemical and pharmaceutical products, 4% Industrial instrumentation, 4% Plastics and plastic compounds.

Trade background of both countries goes back to 1950s when Jewish minorities were living in Afghanistan. They were exporting precious and per-precious stones to Belgium and importing money exchange services (current system in Afghanistan). After that, a businessman named “Agha Bay” was exporting wool and leather of sheep to Belgium and importing wool manufacturing technology to Afghanistan.