ACCI Elaborates Guidelines for Advocacy

Last Monday the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) held a roundtable to discuss strategic options in advocacy. In his welcome speech the chairman of ACCI, Hassin Fahim, mentioned that the improvement of the enabling environment for doing business in Afghanistan is a shared concern of all public and private stakeholders. In his view, ACCI has been mandated to spearhead the reform process.

The CEO, Mohammed Q. Haqjo, stated that the chamber therefore needs to professionalize its operations in research and data analysis, provision of mandates and public-private dialogue. The roundtable was established as an internal forum for chamber representatives to discuss the joint strategy for advocacy in cooperation with the German International Cooperation (GIZ).

The German consultant Eckard Schleberger gave the roundtable an overview of best practice from other countries. He suggested developing a framework for promoting the National Business Agenda, which was drafted by ACCI and eleven other business organizations. In his view, the chamber needs clear guidelines in the fields of content, mandates and instruments to advocate more efficiently for a better business environment. The participants of the roundtable discussed the basic points of the future strategy, which will be elaborated in the next months.

The roundtable was the starting point for the cooperation with GIZ in the field of advocacy. In summer both sides will jointly develop a Business Climate Monitor to collect facts and figures on the business climate.

Furthermore, GIZ will support ACCI in drafting position papers and promoting public-private dialogue on national and provincial levels.