Afghan – Czech Joint Chamber to Be Established Soon

The Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industries (CSOK) is interested in establishing an Afghan – Czech Joint Chamber in both Kabul and Prague.   A Czech delegation visiting Kabul added that the Joint Chamber will be funded by CSOK.

The delegation consisting of six Czech investors and was headed by Mr. Jiri Nestaval, Middle East-Asia President of CSOK.  The Chamber was represented by Mr. Mohammad Younus Momand, Commercial Vice-Chairman of ACCI’s Board of Directors as well as several other members of the Board.  Both sides agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as soon as possible to establish these Joint Chambers.

Mr. Nestaval, remembering the 50-year trade history between both countries said, “Afghanistan is placed in the heart of Asia and Czech Republic is placed in heart of Europe.  Thus, we can create a stable bridge between Europe and Central Asia.”

He compared the situation in Afghanistan with Czech Republic and offered his encouragement by noting that there was a time when his country was at the same stage in its development as Afghanistan.  “Our businesspeople have learned a great deal over the years and we are ready to share our knowledge with the Afghan business community,” said Mr. Nestaval.

Mr. Momand focused on the quality of Czech products and hoped that mutual commercial relations would bring quality Czech products to Afghanistan.  He also hoped that the Joint Chamber would facilitate efficient visa issuance for Afghan traders.

Delegation members expressed an interest in investing, design, and consultation on railway, road, tunnels, and bridge projects.  ACCI welcomed this interest and offered that there are further investment opportunities in developing cement and steel melting factories; mining, and construction materials.

This is the second Czech delegation to visit Afghanistan this year.  In July, a visiting delegation assessed investment opportunities and first broached the issue of a Joint Chamber.